Grene Wind Industry Supplies A/S acquires ownership of MPASIA A/S

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Grene Wind Industry Supplies A/S has acquired a strong player in the field of tarpaulins for the global wind turbine industry.

As part of its growth strategy, Grene WIS has acquired Group MPASIA A/S with the brand Global Tarps, a leading manufacturer of tarpaulins for the global wind turbine industry which are used for protecting towers etc. both on and offshore.

MPASIA possesses extensive product know-how, manufactures to a high quality and has all its products manufactured at a state-of-the-art factory in China with 350 employees. MPASIA has become a leading supplier to the wind turbine industry globally. This position is expected to be further strengthened following the merger.

Grene WIS is on a journey towards becoming one of the leading suppliers to the growing wind turbine installation and service industry, and its position will be strengthened with the merger. Moreover, Grene WIS will expand into new segments to achieve greater synergies, benefiting existing and future customers to a greater extent. With this acquisition, Grene WIS is continuing to ensure even better service through a wider selection of products and services, more effective processes and a strengthened global footprint. Grene WIS has divisions in Denmark, China, India and Panama, and a brand new division in the USA is ready to open in August 2023.

Grene WIS is owned by Bagger-Sørensen Equity A/S, a Danish corporate group owned by the fourth generation of the Bagger-Sørensen family. The family focuses on long-term value creation through strong customer relations, and has more than 100 years of successful industrial history behind it.

MPASIA A/S is continuing as an independent company under Grene WIS, and its head office will remain in Kolding, Denmark.

Henning Weisz is joining Grene WIS’s Board of Directors in order to contribute to the company’s global growth strategy.

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Peder Hansen

Sales manager USA