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Use environment-friendly protection against rust/corrosion during service jobs and in production, you will save both time and money, while you help sustainability on its way. When unprotected metal is in contact with oxygen and moisture, it starts to rust. In other words, the metal starts to deteriorate.

REMEMBER: Rust attacks metal parts also when they are sitting in inventory or shipped from warehouse to site. When metal rusts/corrodes its mechanical properties deteriorate and material thickness is reduced. This has serious implications for the function and design tolerances.

SUVO Non Nafta, is an environment-friendly rust protection product-series that protects steel products from corrosion. SUVO Non Nafta was developed in cooperation with the wind turbine industry.

SUVO Non Nafta is approved and in use amongst leading wind industry OEMs, operators and subcontractors to the industry.

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SUVO rust protection

Metal parts utilized in the wind turbine / offshore industry and energy sector are expensive. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your metal products and protect them from rust and corrosion, whether the metal products are sitting in inventory or are shipped between locations. Furthermore, it is important to protect metal products during service intervals on wind turbines in the field. Concisely said, always protect your metal products against oxygen and moisture. By doing so you are protecting against rust and corrosion and you’re extending your metal products’ life.

Our vision is to help the world become greener. You have the opportunity to help and make the sustainable choice when you choose environmentally friendly SUVO Non Nafta rust protection. With our SUVO products, you are guaranteed that the metal parts will not rust.

We offer SUVO rust protective products in different types and packaging sizes. We have a broad product range no matter if your needs are metal protection in production, storage, transportation or when your wind turbine is in function. We have the right product for each task.

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How to apply

We offer the popular and APPROVED rust protection product, SUVO Non Nafta, which is highly effective and at the same time gentle on you and the environment.

SUVO-products are easy to use, both when they are applied to the product and when they are removed.

Watch the video for a demonstration of the product.

Video: Demonstration of SUVO Non Nafta

Peder Hansen

Sales manager USA