Corrosion protection

Do you want to use an environment friendly corrosion protection product for your service job? 

Use corrosion protection in your production to save time and money.

When unprotected metal is exposed to air, it begins to corrode. The corrosion attacks metal items in the warehouse or in transit from the warehouse to the site. This causes the metal to become weaker and thinner. This seriously impacts the function and tolerance to which the item was designed.

SUVO offers a series of products that protect metal items against corrosion. Together with our partners from the wind industry we have developed an efficient and environmentally friendly corrosion protection solution.

SUVO Non Nafta is approved and used by the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers, and by the wind turbine subcontracting industry.

SUVO corrosion protection is cost-efficient

Items for the wind industry, offshore and the energy sector are expensive, and it does not make any sense to invest in new components and then leave them exposed to corrosion in the warehouse or during transportation. Our products from SUVO guarantee that you do not have to clean the metal items manually after production.

We offer corrosion protection products in various sizes and types, depending on your metal items' size, the distance they need to travel, and their types of exposure. But no matter which corrosion protection you need, the process is the same – spray-coat the item with a thin layer, and then remove any excess corrosion protection with SUVO Remover before sending the item to the warehouse or to the site of use.


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We offer a popular corrosion protection product which is extremely efficient and at the same time gentle to you and to the environment. 

Our vision is to help make the world greener. You can contribute as well by opting for an environmentally friendly corrosion protection.

You get access to more than 500,000 standardized items and 4,500 custom products for the wind turbine industry if you choose us as your suppliers. 

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