Measuring equipment

Grene WIS offers a wide range of high-quality measuring instruments and tools, torque tools, and calibrated measurement equipment for the energy sector and other industries that require precise measurements. We understand the importance of precision and documentation, and therefore, our products are designed to deliver reliable results.

With our extensive network of partners such as Stahlwille, Mitutoyo, Fluke, Elma, Tajima, and Bosch, we can provide measuring tools, measuring gauges, pressure gauges, torque tools, and various other measuring instruments.

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Types of measuring equipment and service

Measuring tools

We understand the importance of having the correct measuring tools that fit your specific tasks and measurements. Measuring tools are an essential part of any installation or troubleshooting process. 

It is a good idea to choose the best measuring tools as it will save you time and make the work easier and more efficient. We offer everything in quality measuring tools for all types of measurements – including:

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Measuring instruments and gauges

No matter what you need to measure, at Grene WIS, we have an extensive range of measuring equipment and instruments that always ensure accurate measurements. 

Among our wide selection of measuring instruments, we offer: 

We also offer calibration and certification of measuring instruments and other types of equipment. Read more about this here.

Tools – Calibrated for the wind turbine industry

When it comes to certifying your tools and calibrating your measuring instruments, you have come to the right place. With us, you can benefit from our many years of experience in calibrating various types of equipment, including:

  • Tools
  • Measuring equipment
  • Hydraulic tools

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