Green profile

Together for a greener world

At Grene Wind Industry Supplies A/S, we are passionate supporters of a green transition and a sustainable future. We are dedicated to providing green and environmentally friendly solutions, and we play an active role in the global fight to reduce CO2 emissions and promote renewable energy.

Think Green Act Green

The vision of Grene WIS is to help the world become greener. We have implemented sustainable practices in all our business areas.

We work in accordance with the UN’s three pillars, which means taking the following into account:

Environmental Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Financial Sustainability

How we optimize energy

At Grene WIS, we choose to take responsibility for our common future and the green transition. That is why we have taken the decision to energy optimize our business in order to make our consumption as efficient as possible for the benefit of both ourselves and the environment. In this way, we avoid unnecessary energy waste, reduce energy costs and strengthen our bottom line.

Going green

We are going green and that is why we have invested in both sustainable energy and energy optimization

Charging stations

We will install more charging stations for electric cars in 2023, which will be available to the public

Energy costs

We have invested in 730 m2 of solar cells and 8 heat pumps to reduce environmental impact and save on energy costs

Energy supply

We are self-sufficient in energy and cover our total (global) energy consumption across all our departments worldwide

The environment

Our green profile is an important part of our corporate identity and we are proud to contribute to environmental protection

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Peder Hansen

Sales manager USA