Lifting gear and personal safety equipment

Experts in lifting equipment

Choose Grene WIS as your reliable partner for lifting equipment. We offer a wide range of lifting equipment, including lifting claws, cranes, safety equipment, round slings, lifting yokes, chain sets, shackles, eyebolts and many more. Our products are carefully selected from trusted manufacturers and are designed to ensure safety, durability, and efficiency.

In addition to our product range, our subsidiary NOS A/S specializes in supplying unique lifting equipment that creates greater value for our customers. NOS A/S is a leader in the lifting industry and their expertise and commitment in lifting gear makes them the preferred supplier for many industries, including construction, marine, oil and gas and the wind turbine sector. Read more about NOS A/S here.

Types of lifting equipment and accessories

Manual chain hoists and electric chain hoists

At Grene WIS, we have a wide product range within chain parts, which includes both manual and electric variants. Regardless of the specific needs our customers have, we are ready to help.

We work with the leading manufacturers Tractel, Kito and Verlinde, and you can e.g order the following equipment through us:

Components for lifting tasks

We offer a wide range of standard components and several types of accessories in different sizes and for several purposes.

Our broad product range covers, for example:

You can rely on our skills when you need specially designed products, such as:

We solve all types of tasks in this genre.

Wire and chain solutions

We can produce and deliver customized wire solutions and accessories for your lifting equipment according to your exact specifications. No matter what the customer’s needs are, we can meet them and ensure that you get the right solution for your lifting operations.

In our assortment you will find a wide selection of solutions, including steel wire, throwing blocks and a variety of accessories.

Lifting beams

In close dialogue and cooperation with our customers, we design lifting yokes that precisely fit the customer’s specific lifting task.

We can offer all kinds of lifting yokes, including hydraulic, as well as specially designed lifting yokes, chain boxes and similar.

Slings, latches, and straps

Our manufacturers of lashings, slings and straps are leaders in Europe and represent the absolute top tier in the industry. We are proud to offer products that guarantee optimal safety and durability. Our stock range consists mainly of Western manufactured goods known for their high quality and reliability.

Customer-specific solutions

We offer customized solutions. We are ready to meet the unique needs of customers and create solutions that fit specific wishes and requirements.

Personal safety equipment

Our suppliers in personal protective equipment and fall protection equipment are absolute experts in their field and offer a wide stock, and you are guaranteed optimal safety and durability of all products.

In our assortment, we carry products from leading brands such as:

  • Petzl
  • Brady

Certification of lifting equipment

Full safety and certification

When certifying lifting equipment, we are your full service partner. We provide both inspection and certification.


Your lifting gear receives a statutory 1-year inspection in accordance with given legislation. After inspection, we issue a new certification according to the relevant regulations.


When you order new products from us, we deliver them to you with all the necessary documentation/certification. This applies to standard items as well as customer-specific products and special products.

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