Lifting gear and personal safety equipment

Grene WIS offers a wide range of quality products in lifting gear, including

Electric chain hoists - round slings / lashings - lifting blocks - shackles - lever chain hoists - wires.

In addition, we can offer customized lifting beams/chain containers, etc.


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Certification of lifting equipment

Full security and certification
We are your full service partner for certification of lifting equipment.

We take care of both inspection and certification.

Inspection: Your lifting gear gets the annual inspection required under Danish law.

Certification: After the inspection we issue a new certificate as required by given law.

When you order new products from us, they will be supplied with all required documentation/certification. This applies both to standard products and customer-specified products.

Components for lifting jobs

It is usually not enough to have the right chain hoists and chain slings. If you are faced with a major lifting job, you also need the right accessory components to succeed with the solution.

We offer a wide range of standard components including:

  • Eye bolts
  • Shackles
  • Permanent magnet lifters
  • Trolleys
  • Beam clamps
  • Plate clamps
  • Chain tensioners

You can rely on our expertise when you need custom-designed items such as

  • Lifting cages
  • Work cages
  • Lifting beams
  • Other ropes
  • and other custom products.

We handle all types of job of this kind

Lifting beams

In close collaboration and dialogue with you we design lifting beams that closely fit the specific lifting job at hand. 

We offer all types of lifting beams, including hydraulic and crane ways.

Wire and chain solutions

When you need wire solutions for your lifting gear, we can manufacture and deliver them directly according to your specifications.

We supply all types of wire and wire solutions for your lifting job.

Hand chain hoists and electric chain hoists

We co-operate with leading manufacturers, including Tractel, Kito, and Verlinde, and you can order the following equipment via us:

  • Hand chain hoists
  • Wire hoists
  • Electric chain hoists



Round slings, lashings, and webbing slings

Our suppliers of lashings, round slings and webbing slings are absolute experts of their field and renowned market leaders in Europe. That is your guarantee for optimum safety and durability. Our inventory is broad and features items of mainly Western origin. 

Customer-specific solutions

When you have a specific requirement for webbing slings, we can manufacture them to meet all your particular requirements.

In a close dialog we determine which product is best for the job at hand.