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Information and contact details for our international offices can be found here on the page. 

In addition to Denmark, we have locations in India, China, Panama, Taiwan, and the USA.  Read more about this under our global locations.

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Questions, need advice or looking for a quote?  Don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s free to ask, and our team of experts is ready to assist. We value close dialogue and a strong collaboration, and look forward to connecting.

Wish to contact directly with an employee within a specific department? Please select from the list below.


Selma Banda
HR, PA & QHSE manager


Jørgen Kristiansen
Sales manager DK
Rasmus Stougaard
Sales Team Leader
Jørgen Sørensen
Hernan Hernandez
Peter Baltzer
Sales & project assistant

Service technicians

Jess Thomsen
Service manager
Nicki Agostinetti
Service technician
Thomas Lassen
Service technician
Søren Pedersen
Service technician
Bjørn Skovbo
Service technician


Jeanne V. Madsen
Purchasing & logistics manager
Tom B. Petersen
Purchasing assistant
Lars C. Jensen
Purchasing assistant
Scott Thomsen
Purchasing assistant


Birgitte Nielsen
Logistics team leader
Michael Henriksen
Kristian Bækkedal
Marie Drescher


Maiken Madsen
Marketing & Web


Peter Sejerkilde
Finance manager
Birgit S. Petersen
Accounts Payable Accountant
Marie-Louise Pedersen


Eric Zuo
Sales manager China
Prasanna Dhanuskodi
Sales manager India
Gonzalo Arocena
Sales manager Panama
Peder Hansen
Sales manager USA
Benson Tu
Sales manager Taiwan

Peder Hansen

Sales manager USA