Hand tools

At Grene WIS, we have a wide selection of quality tools such as hand tools, power tools and torque tools that meet all requirements and standards, such as wrenches, socket wrenches, drills, torque tools, screwdrivers and many more. You get an assortment catalog that contains a large number of leading top-tier brands in the various hand tools such as Milwaukee, Stahlwille, Bosch, Bacho and Knipex.

At Grene WIS, we take pride in delivering the very best tools the market has to offer. This way you are guaranteed tools of the highest quality with a focus on safety and comfort. We stock one of the widest ranges of certified standard hand tools and power tools within the wind turbine industry, the offshore industry, and the energy sector.

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Types of tools

Power tools and hand tools

At Grene WIS, we guarantee hand tools and power tools of the highest quality. Whether it is drills, grinders, saws or screwdrivers you are looking for, you will find a wide selection of professional tools with us.

We offer products from leading brands known for their reliability and durability. Our range has been created with your needs as a customer in mind. So whatever tool you are looking for, you can be sure to find it at Grene WIS.

We have a comprehensive selection of standard hand and power tools for the wind turbine industry, the offshore industry, and the energy sector. We can deliver everything within:

  • 230 V tools.
  • 110 V tools.
  • Cordless tools.
  • Power tools – CCC certified for use in China.

If you have questions, an inquiry or need an offer, please feel free to send us an inquiry by email or call us.

Insulated tools

Regardless of whether you are doing electrical work, electrical installations, or similar tasks in high or low voltage, safety is guaranteed with our insulated tools.

At Grene WIS, we have gathered the most leading brands in insulated tools, such as Stahlwille, Bahco, Knipex and Honeywell, that combine style, safety, and compliance with the law.

If you have any questions about our insulated tools and equipment, please contact by Phone or Mail.

Torque tools

We specialize in torque wrenches at Grene WIS and offer a wide range of torque wrenches, torque wrenches and power wrenches in all sizes. Our torque tools are specially calibrated to meet the needs of the wind turbine industry and the energy sector.

We pride ourselves on only supplying top quality products and our range includes recognized brands such as:

  • Stahlwille
  • Bacho
  • And many more

You can trust that our torque tools meet the highest standards and ensure reliable and precise performance in your tasks.

Peder Hansen

Sales manager USA