Container solutions

Container solutions serving an important purpose

The job of erecting or repairing a wind turbine can proceed most efficiently and cost-effectively when all the required equipment and tools are available on site in a clearly laid out container. We specialize in building different container solutions for the wind turbine industry and the energy sector.

You have a choice between three different container solutions, and of course you can also mix them all. 

Tool containers
The requested tool container will be delivered directly to the site with organized workshop furnishings and tools according to your wishes. The tools and furnishings will be tailored to the job at hand. 

Lifting gear containers, open and closed
- Site and port container 
- Lifting gear container subject to requirements

Customized equipment container
- Proposed solutions to match your requirements and needs

Re-certification of lifting gear and equipment, and associated documentation

When a container has been in use at a site, it is returned to us. We top op, furnish, calibrate and certify the container before shipping a new container solution to a new site.

Do you find our solutions interesting? Contact us for more information on the container solutions we can supply to match your needs.