Because of the increased activity levels in the Chinese wind turbine industry, we set up an office in China in 2010.

Hence, we can service business units and partners in China, offering the same elevated level of service and quality as in Europe.

From China we offer high-quality products to the wind turbine industry and the other segments of the energy sector. We can offer China's energy ambassadors access to the best products within:

  • Tools
  • Technical articles
  • Lifting gear
  • Workwear

In terms of tools, we operate a warehouse in Tianjin, and from here we can offer China's deepest and widest range of Stahlwille products.

We have a sales office in Beijing and warehouse facilities in Wuqing (Tianjin).

In addition to our standard range, the Chinese assortment also includes specially produced components and lifting equipment which are used on the local market.



Do you have any questions regarding China? Contact

Christian Hansen

General Manager

+45 6155 1219